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Surfing on Amour

"La Brigade de l'Amour is a little breath of fresh air; love and good feelings that don’t hurt anyone" says Jean-Max Carrier, the founder of the brand with the eponymous name. Can making Love - with a capital L - be a lifestyle? This is what he decided to create with his friends in a troubled world where the rules of dating have become too digital. Sensibility, attention, and generosity are values that still exist, though Tinder, Adopteunmec, and Gleeden may have you believe otherwise. Are you a lover of love? There is room for you in this world yet! Their signature can be found found today on a "Brigade de l'Amour" sweatshirt that its ambassadors wear like a banner. And in order to fight against the speed-dating trend, the "Apéros de l'Amour" ensure some time for meeting and sharing with others (dates on their website).

To surf on this lust for love in our day-to-day lives, the Brigade has naturally contacted Cuisse de Grenouille in order to develop a collaboration full of love based on the brand’s traditional sweatshirt. The "Surf in Amour" is born ! Love like a cityscape, a place full of fulfillment, a message of peace... Whether married, partnered, or single, we are all lovers deep down and want to feel good vibes. You’ll proudly wear your heart on your sleeve from now on!

So, how about a little more Love? 

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