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The Great Trip : #Paris

This season travel with us across the city that inspire us.

Let's start with Paris !

Three places, three ways to be the coolest ones.

Daroco, one of the coolest Italian restaurants in Paris, it takes place in the old Jean-Paul Gauthier's atelier.

We suggest you to go there a bit fashionable! ;)

For him : A sweat surf in new-york to get an international touch, a squared shirt for a bon ton touch, a pair of navy blue chino pants because you are classic and finally a wool coat, at the same time cool and elegant.

For her : A merinos dytique sweater, a denim skirt and a jacquard jacket.

L'Alcazar, redesigned by Laura Gonzales, is very cool and pretty elegant.

For him : The Vitale Barberis wool suit and a white shirt are the perfect choices !

For her : The jacket Damas, the pants made with the same fabric and a cotton shirt Delphes.

Gravity, is perfect place to get a cocktail. Moreover the design of this places remind us our flagship store at rue Froissart, isn't it ?

We suggest you to go with a cool style. ;)

For him : a t-shirt surf in paris, a tartan shirt (wear it open), one of the new Dauphin pants and our parka, the perfect item for the winter season.

For her : a tartan shirt with the sweatshirt surf in london, a Demoiselle skirt and a Douchka parka, both warm and water-proof.