Yvon Chouinard was not like other bosses. An environmentalist ahead of his time, a passionate mountaineer and founder of the brand Patagonia, he was always a businessman despite himself. His passion for climbing in the Yosemite made him create the first recyclable pitons. This human rights activist and defender of nature created an international company whilst preserving the core human values of sharing and respect. One-of-a-kind and pioneer of sustainable development within his company, he campaigns for “clean climbing” and his Five ‘R’s rule of management: reduce, recycle, repair, reuse, and rethink.


All this and more is to be found in his new book Let The People Surfing: the Education of a Reluctant Businessman. The preface summarises the contradictory mind-set of this character who never left the sporting world to enter the business world, finding a balance instead: “I’ve been a businessman for 50 years now. Saying that pains me as much as someone having to admit they’re an alcoholic”. Businessman - a term that represents the opposite of his great love of nature, to which large companies often pose a threat -- a fact that he fights day in, day out with Patagonia!