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The Cuisse de Grenouille shirt

At Cuisse de Grenouille, we like traditional American collared button-down shirts, a tribute to the way of life of American colleges full of sixties preppy boys. From the same source of American inspiration, we also derive the Western shirt, in multiple denims.

The classic cut is fitted, and its the length allows you to wear it outside of your trousers as well as in. Some styles have buttons in light wood for a nice vintage effect. 

As for materials - from typical plain or striped Oxford cottons to  comfortable cotton flannels for winter, the brushed cottons, Chambrays, and denims – you’re truly spoilt for choice. Checked patterns are in this season. Whether the inspiration is Western or Vichy, the models Henry, Thomas, Corto, Samuel, or Andrew will seduce you with their colors. 

An easy wear, reuniting the essentials of a masculine wardrobe, for between only 89 and 125 euros.