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Gstaad Palace, the art of living at the top

A true palace, just how we like it: discreet, without ostentations luxury, with its habits and traditions and thousands of stories to tell. Nestled in the famous Swiss village of Gstaad, in the Oberland region, this architectural gem celebrated its centenary in 2013, having survived two world wars, the economic crises, the Roaring Twenties…and still it remains majestic as ever in front of the summit of Spitzhorn.

The “Royal-Hôtel & Winter Palace Gstaad”, as it was known in its early days, was the crazy idea of a village school teacher who noticed the first tourists visiting the area at the start of the twentieth century. It attracted the rich and famous, royalty, stars of show-business, celebrated artists, and continues to do so today. Those seeking Ibiza-style nights, turn back now – this is not the place for you. Here, we dress up, we keep to our customs, and we live well! The palace promises to keep your luggage for 20 years. If they don’t hear from you, you will receive a letter warning you that the hotel has the right to look into your belongings... Some lived there for years, others came every year for four generations. The nightclub in the basement, GreenGo, has not changed since its opening in 1971... We love it!

Blake Edwards filmed The Return of the Pink Panther here, Michael Jackson wanted to buy it, Roger Moore stayed here between two James Bond films, Marlène Dietrich sang within these walls. One particular short American had the floors of his suite raised by 2.3 inches (at his expense of course!), but traditional Swiss discretion will have us guessing at who this may be for eternity.

So if you like dressing up in your dinner jacket each evening after a good skiing session and finding yourself in good company at the bar of a hotel lost in snowy forests, Gstaad Palace is made for you... Negroni in hand, sat by the fireplace, you’ll feel like a true defender of the life alpine. Cheers !  

Gstaad Palace
Palacestrasse 28
3780 Gstaad

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