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The movie Endless Summer is to the surf universe what the documentary On Any Sunday, directed and played by Steve McQueen, is to the motorcycle: a movie that transcended the sports universe, making a permanent mark on popular culture. In 2002, Endless Summer was selected for archive at the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress because of its "cultural, historical, or aesthetical significance". 

In this story of a bygone era, the main characters travel,and surf on elegant long boards  wearing colorful board shorts and listening to sixties music. The documentary will be 50 years old next year, but the mythical film poster has not aged. It shows three surfers with boards under their arm, running toward the waves with the sun in the background.

Robert August and Mike Hynson, accompanied by cameraman Bruce Brown, are on a mission to follow summer around the world. Hauling two long-boards as luggage, they sample the waves of Hawaï, Africa, Tahiti, Australia and places where locals have never seen surfers before. With pop music in the background, we follow our two surfer friends as they interact with the local populations, teaching them how to surf and how to find the best waves; surfing becomes the new common language between foreigners in this ultimate adventure story. 

Endless Summer is an ode to the new pop culture that was born out of the surf scene. Surf content nowadays may focus on the dangers or struggles of surfing, whereas in Endless Summer, Robert and Mike are masters on their boards, dancing in unison against beautiful landscapes. Even the waves seem soft, no matter how big they are.

It is a movie to be seen time and time again. Cuisse de Grenouille Proust madeleine.