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Surf in Greece…

Board a Gullet (traditional Turkish sailing vessel) from lovely Marmaris in Turkey for a Mediterranean journey between Symi, Kos and the Rhodes islands, that is the program of the first CDG’s friends cruise. Thank you again Jean for the amazing organization!



A “farniente” as stylish as the magnificent wooden vessel itself, with a continuous flow of fruit breakfast on the teak deck, vistas of picturesque villages on Greek islands, ending each epic day with an aperitif while admiring the sunset on the front deck and roasting fresh fish on the barbecue.

Activities included a game of chess, water skiing over the Turkish waters, sunbathing, an inspiring lifestyle and full immersion of sun-soaked days and the azure sea.


These pictures speak for themselves. We now let you dive into these idle hours and get a tan… Don’t forget to stir up a cocktail before browsing !

Photos by Adrien Chavassieu