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Alain Marhic, mastering slide and movement

Alain Marhic is the founder of the watch brand MARCH LA.B. Launched 4 years ago between the cities of Biarritz, his adopted hometown, and Los Angeles, where his designer friend and partner Jérôme Mage originates.

Alain previously worked for Quicksilver and is also former model, skillful surfer and loves the spirit and elegance of the 60's and 70's. His vintage eyeglasses and wool knit ties have became his signature trademark. Green being his favorite color, it appears repeatedly throughout this collection. 


MARCH LA.B fills in a special place in the world of watchmakers. An aesthetic juggler that proposes a real alternative between low-end and luxurious watches, theirs is a modern design that finds inspiration from the seventies, repetitive patterns, like the color green or the crown stamp. These urban watches do not face any competition yet and are distributed in 20 countries across the globe. MARCH LA.B now has 2 shops in Paris and we invite you to visit them in order to discover not only the collection of watches, but also the taste of its unique vintage atmosphere through the usage of curated accessories and vintage furniture.


Alain is sharing the same waves (and fashion shows) as Cuisse de Grenouille; a passion for surf, elegance and refined old-school lifestyle far from modern clichés.