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Bonjour l’hiver (Hello winter) on t-shirts

At Cuisse de Grenouille we like nice T-shirts! An essential part of any ‘cool’ male wardrobe, this item should nevertheless be treated with style and seriousness. A nice tee shirt is not easy to find. The brand is now offering a vast range of tee shirts styles and prints, some of which have now become a reference in the industry. The plain color format has a patch pocket and the sleeves should be slightly rolled to give it a 50/60's James Dean or Marlon Brando look. Finally its washed colors always add a touch of vintage.

This winter, Cuisse de Grenouille’s T-shirts should fill your wardrobe! Sailor tee shirts with blue/white and red/white stripes. Of course the tee shirt « surf in paris » is designed in 3 new colors for the F/W season (grey, dark grey and burgundy). As a tribute to winter sports and lifestyle, the alter ego to the world of the gentleman surfer, Cuisse de Grenouille has also created a capsule collection: there are 3 T-Shirts with a flake patch made of smooth velvet and a tagline “Val d’Isère Ski Club” T-Shirt.

You are now ready to chill from the comfort of your sofa and watch snow falling beyond the windows of your mountain chalet!