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Grannis LeRoy, the godfather of surf photography

Grannis LeRoy embodies the surf spirit that has been inspiring Cuisse de Grenouille. An icon originating in the sixties when the sport became a real lifestyle, LeRoy is known as surf photography’s “godfather”. He started surfing back in 1931 in both California and Hawaii, and filmed the golden age of surf and it’s surrounding lifestyle from the early 60’s.  


His book « Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s » edited and published by Taschen is a photographic cornerstone of the world of surf, and of the perfect waves he immortalized from San Onofre to Oahu. Grannis invented the « Go Pro » of his time by taking pictures as close as possible to the heart of the action of the riding surfers. A compilation of both competition and amateur pictures of the Pacific coast: it's the definitive tribute to a bygone era.