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The « board short » according to Cuisse de Grenouille

Focus on Cuisse de Grenouille’s flagship product; the board short is the gentleman surfer’s lifestyle signature.


Very inspired by Californian board shorts of the 60’s, it is a gold standard.
Available in 2 different lengths (the LONG ref. is longer ;)), above the knee, with 2 side pockets to place hands, and one back pocket, similar to the chinos, closed by an imprinted button. Inside this back pocket you will find a rubber band to attach your keys.
An inside thin lining will give you maximum comfort, a scratch to close the board short and a cotton lace to grasp the waist.


The highlight of the board short is the polyester fabric made in Italy,  « aqua phobic »treated and memory contact(it keeps the memory of shapes). As you get out of the water a smooth gesture will be enough to get your board short back to shape and let you walk to the beach bar in style, with your hand free to arrange your hair obviously!

The board short collection consists of one and two-tone colors named by famous surf spots, surfed by Lucas or Séverin, the brand's co-founders and brothers…